Chance Meeting in Liberian Village Changes Henroy’s Life

August 12, 2019   //   Liberia, Patient Stories Two years ago, this Liberian child faced lifelong stigma from a treatable disability. Now he’s reached a once-impossible goal.  In early June 2017, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof visited Liberia to report on our work, when a shy 9-year old boy, named Henroy, […]



A healthy people make a healthy nation.” There is a minimum out pour of joy in Liberia emanating from what seems to disprove initial perceptions about clubfoot treatment in Liberia. What a blessing that Liberia can be a part of the global communities changing the lives of […]


A Shining Future: Bright’s Clubfoot Story

February 5, 2019   //   Liberia, Patient Stories Bright was born with bilateral clubfoot in Liberia, and neither of his parents knew anyone else with the condition. The little boy’s mother, unable to face the taunts of neighbors who blamed her for Bright’s clubfoot, abandoned the family. Bright’s father was […]


MiracleFeet Accredited Charity Through BBB

February 7, 2019   //   Social Entrepreneurship MiracleFeet is proud to be an accredited charity through the Better Business Bureau’s BBB Wise Giving Alliance (WGA). What does it mean to be an accredited charity and what are the standards a nonprofit must meet to make the list? And more importantly, […]


Yasri’s Clubfoot Journey in Tanzania

January 15, 2019   //   Patient Stories, Tanzania Six-month-old Yasri was born with bilateral clubfoot in Tanzania. After Yasri’s birth, his mother became determined to find help for her son, but was uncertain what she could do. She closed down the small business she owned in their village and began to spend […]


Dad with Neglected Clubfoot Helps Son Find Treatment

February 12, 2019   //   Patient Stories, Tanzania Matinde, the son of farmers in the Kahama district of northern Tanzania, was born with bilateral clubfoot.He is the third person in his family to be born with the condition. Father and Sister Struggle to Find Treatment Matinde’s father and eldest sister were […]


New Country Announcement: The Gambia

January 25, 2019   //   Programs, The Gambia We are excited to announce our newest partnership with The Gambia Clubfoot Foundation and to begin supporting treatment for children born with clubfoot in this West African country. Since 2017, The Gambia Clubfoot Foundation has been working to raise awareness of clubfoot […]


Welcoming Kennedy: A Clubfoot Story from Liberia

January 29, 2019   //   Liberia, Patient Stories Ostracized in the Community When Kennedy was born with unilateral clubfoot in Liberia, his parents were consumed with worry and fear for their son’s future. Kennedy’s mother Benetta did not know what to do; she and her husband were facing ridicule in […]

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