About Us


The Faith Clinical Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center (FACORC) is a faith-based non- for profit organization that provides free treatment to clubfoot children in Liberia. FACORC was established March 2011   by a group of concerned Liberians who, after assessing the health status of the country, realized that there were no services available for children with clubfoot deformity.
FACORC has worked over the years to establish the Liberia Clubfoot Program (LCP) as a governing body to increase access to clubfoot treatment in Liberia, there by minimizing or eradicating clubfoot in Liberia.
FACORC work has been implemented through volunteers of different backgrounds including physician assistant, orthopedic technologist, physiotherapist, social worker, nurse assistant, and pastor.
FACORC works in collaboration with the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare through the Division of Rehabilitation.
FACORC is accredited by the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, the Liberia Medical Dental Council and Ministry of Planning & Economic Affairs and is monitored by a board of five members headed by Rev. Samuel K. Wilson FACORC is supported by the MoH/SW  of Liberia and miraclefeet of   Chapel Hill, North Carolina United States of America.