A healthy people make a healthy nation.” There is a minimum out pour of joy in Liberia emanating from what seems to disprove initial perceptions about clubfoot treatment in Liberia.

What a blessing that Liberia can be a part of the global communities changing the lives of children marred by this unpopular, but real deformity that leads to permanent disability when untreated. The methodology (Ponseti Method of Clubfoot Management) for the treatment of this deformity is very significant especially for developing countries particularly Liberia. We have a growing population of clubfoot victims that need attention. An intervention through the application of the Ponseti Method is gradually bringing relief and freedom to the clubfoot affected population of Liberia.

Cognizant of this privilege and being a part of the process globally, Liberia now joins the world to celebrate what is globally known as “World Clubfoot Day.”


June 3 is commemorated worldwide as World Clubfoot Day. The celebration which is meant to remember Dr. Ignacio V. Ponseti and to also appreciate him for his memorable discovery is seen as worthy.

The Faith Clinical Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center (FACORC) and the Liberia Clubfoot Program (LCP) celebrated this day on June 19, 2019 in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County. The celebration was done in two phases: Indoor and Outdoor Programs.

The indoor program was held in the Catholic Hall of the St. Peters Catholic Church in Buchanan City. The program started at 11:47AM due to the heavy down pull of rain and ended 1:57PM. The program was attended by a number of nursing students from Nursing Department of the Bassa Community College (BCC), some parents and relatives of beneficiaries of the clubfoot program, guests from various communities in Buchanan City, some members of the Christian Community in Buchanan City, etc.

Dr. Anthony Tucker, County Health Officer (CHO) of Grand Bassa County, graced the occasion as the Key Note Speaker. In his speech, he highlighted that clubfoot is a serious challenge that needs attention. Among other things, he also recommended that the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health must see clubfoot as her responsibility and incorporate it into the National Health Programs.

There were tremendous testimonies from parents and relatives whose children have been treated from this program. The nursing students through their representative also expressed happiness for being a part of the program where they received so much education dispersing wrong perceptions about clubfoot and its treatment.

However, the purpose of the indoor program was to provide some level of education and physical testimonies to dispel myths about clubfoot and its treatment.

The outdoor program was predominantly characterized by parade and distribution of fliers to onlookers. The parade started from the venue of the indoor program through the principal of street of Buchanan City. Crowds were drawn to the parade where lots of fliers were released to the people to create awareness that clubfoot is treatable in Liberia which was the sole purpose of the outdoor program.


The celebration was aimed at the following:

    1. To remember Dr. Ignacio V. Ponseti and to also appreciate him for his memorable discovery that is seen as worthy.
    2. To identify with the affected clubfoot population of Liberia and give them hope that their lives can be transformed from the state of disability to normal.


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