A Single Dad Overcomes Clubfoot Obstacles in Liberia

Robert’s third and youngest child, a little girl named Favor, was born with clubfoot in Liberia. The concerned father worried about how his little girl would play with her friends and whether she would be able to walk to school.Fortunately for Favor, nurses at the hospital where she was born knew of MiracleFeet partner FACORC and referred the child for treatment. Favor was treated successfully, which was a great relief to her parents.

Unfortunately, Favor’s mother became ill with Ebola during the 2014 outbreak in Liberia and passed away, leaving Robert as a single father to Favor and her two siblings. Favor’s mother had worked as a nurse at Phebe Hospital, caring for others who had contracted the virus before succumbing to the illness.

For Robert, his connection to FACORC and MiracleFeet is about more than just clubfoot treatment; it is also a lifeline to this devoted dad who works tirelessly to help his children. A scholarship provided by FACORC and MiracleFeet helps pay for Favor’s school fees so she can be educated alongside her peers.

We celebrate this brave clubfoot dad and the love he has for his children. Robert described how Favor runs to see him each day after school, jumping into his arms for a hug. “I do not worry about her now,” he says.

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